40-under-40-2016--030416-4979Staci Taruscio, 34

CEO, Rebellion Energy LLC
As founder and CEO of Rebellion Energy, Taruscio manages a small, flexible staff. “On any given day I may both take out the trash and sign off on a multimillion dollar acquisition offer,” she says. While the small staff requires every person take on a variety of responsibilities, it also provides a strong sense of ownership. “Every single bit of it is ours,” Taruscio says. “There is incredible ownership at a company where a very core group of people has done everything from design the business cards to purchase high-value properties.” She supports causes that focus on young people, women’s issues and the arts. “In my opinion, we need to not just allow children to explore the places their imagination takes them, but also guide them in a way but advances those creative abilities,” she says. Her favorite place in Oklahoma is an area known to her family as “the hill,” a place that has been special for several generations. “I love knowing that there is a place where so many joyful moments live, and, long after I am gone, my daughters and my daughters’ daughters will be able to feel that same joy,” she says. “It is like The Lion King, except my ancestors live on the hill instead of in the stars.”

40-under-40-2016--030416-5647Christian D. Clark, M.D., 39

Gastroenterologist, Adult Gastroenterology Associates
Clark says he was raised to have a strong work ethic and sense of community. He and his wife moved to Tulsa after finishing their medical training to raise their two children in an environment that supports those core values. Clark says he loves the variety of his day and the combination of procedural medicine and the close interaction he has with patients during his clinic appointments. “Medicine has allowed me to exercise a deep sense of altruism and desire to help others, and I feel fortunate to have found this calling early in my life,” he says. “Additionally, I am blessed to have my parents and two brothers here in Tulsa with us. As a family, we can always be up for a few rounds of golf and a relaxing weekend at the lake.”

40-under-40-2016--030416-5535Johnathan Stephens, 31

Assistant Director, Undergraduate Admissions and Recruitment, University of Central Oklahoma
A UCO graduate himself, Stephens now oversees the daily admission process at the university. “Every day I have the privilege of hearing the hopes and dreams of new students,” he says. “When I can help transform an overwhelmed and doubtful applicant into a confident and empowered college student, I truly feel like I’m making a difference.” Stephens also holds a master’s degree in administrative leadership from the University of Oklahoma and says he has a passion for leadership development. He volunteers with several organizations, centering most of his efforts on hunger and dividing time between working with Edmond Mobile Meals, Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma and UCO’s Central Pantry. “Whether it’s delivering food to those less fortunate or empowering my mentees to discover their voice, I believe these small gestures have a huge and lasting impact on people’s lives,” he says.

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