Before the Brady District became the arts magnet that it is now, it was the colorful district of concertgoers, milk trucks and visitors to one of the coolest art shows in town. The Tulsa Artists Coalition Gallery’s annual 5×5 Show continues to be one of Tulsa’s biggest shows around, with more than 250 small works of art exhibited and for sale to the public. Artists are invited each year to paint a canvas for the TAC fundraiser. They pick up materials in Tulsa and Oklahoma City and donate the finished works. Each 5-inch-by-5-inch canvas is displayed on May 5, except that this year’s show opens on May 3 just in time for the Brady Arts Crawl, the first Friday of each month. And each work is only $55. That should turn on your inner collector. The show runs through May 25, but most will be snagged the first weekend, as the lines into the gallery prove every year. Learn more at

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