Photo courtesy Tulsa Sports Commission.
Photo courtesy Tulsa Sports Commission.

The Tulsa Federal Credit Union Tulsa Run has been an iconic annual fall tradition for Oklahoman runners since 1978, and this year is no different. The Tulsa Run will attract participants to a 2K, 5K and 15K event.

Heath Aucoin, vice president of operations for Tulsa Sports Commission/Visit Tulsa, said the race consists of a wide variety of runners, ranging from competitive runners in the 15K to families who run the 5K together.

“People come back to this race consistently year in and year out because it is truly ingrained in the Tulsa community,” he said.

The Tulsa run is also accessible to people with physical handicaps, which Aucoin says is key to the event’s message.

“Our dedicated wheelchair participants are a cornerstone of telling our story – that anyone can get out there and make a commitment to their health, and a commitment to being active,” he said.

For Aucoin, all of these events are important to “the core values of the Tulsa Run,” but he does have a favorite part, which is the finish line.

“Watching such a diverse group of runners come down Boston Avenue, with the iconic downtown Tulsa buildings surrounding them, is an inspirational moment,” he said. “You see every aspect of the emotional spectrum – happy, sad, people achieving goals that never thought they could reach – elite runners, groups of friends, families – it’s just an overwhelmingly emotional and inspirational place.”

The run will take place tomorrow at 7:45 a.m. in downtown Tulsa at Boulder Avenue and 6th Street. For more information, visit

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