Think about the last wedding invitation you received in the mail. Was it white, printed on traditional card stock in formal black lettering, “formally requesting your presence” at the couple’s happy day?

Chances are that wasn’t the case. Today’s couples are opting for personalization when it comes to the wedding invitation suite. Bold colors, unique fonts and original save-the-date cards are all becoming commonplace.

Some couples are bucking the trend of sending invitations through the mail, and instead delivering their custom-made creations in person with a small token, such as a CD with the couple’s favorite music or a packet of flower seeds. Save-the-date cards arrive printed on magnets, an easy way to have the date “stick” in your mind.
Whether it’s a surprising personal touch with invitations, save-the-date reminders or RSVP cards, the next time you open a wedding invitation, it will likely be the most unique one you have ever seen.

Save-the-date Requests: Be sure that any wedding information sent on a save-the-date notification is certain. Sending a save-the-date followed by a wedding invitation with conflicting information can cause confusion for guests.

Wedding Invitations: Formal invitations should be received by guests no later than six weeks before the wedding and reception.

RSVP Card: Be clear about who is invited to the wedding. Does your guest need to RSVP with a plus one? Or are plus ones not allowed? RSVP cards, along with the address on the formal invitation, should spell out who is invited.

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