Plastic surgeon, Oklahoma City

What was your first fashion moment? In high school, I tell everyone that I was the ultimate geek – long hair in a ponytail, unplucked eyebrows and braces. I don’t think that I became aware of a sense of style until I was well into my 30s. That was when I finished residency and could no longer wear scrubs to work every day.

What is your favorite article of clothing? A Pashmina shawl – I have many in different colors, all of them from India. I like them because I tend to get cold in air-conditioned buildings, and they keep me warm and stylish.

What designers/stores do you admire most? When I shop, I try to stay as local as much as possible. I think that Oklahoma City has a lot to offer, and despite what people may say, is a very fashion savvy place. I love to shop at Consortium, Balliet’s, Liberté and Heirloom Shoe.

What song best describes your fashion sense or sense of style? “Soul Meets Body” by Death Cab for Cutie is a great song and inspires me when I’m getting ready.

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