For centuries, the ancient world built temples and altars to the Goddess of Love in hopes that her power would not only inspire amore, but also protect cities from their enemies. Much was asked of Aphrodite then and even today she symbolizes harmony, beauty and romance. Aphrodite and the Gods of Love is a collection of more than 120 pieces of sculpture, ceramics, artifacts and jewelry grouped and organized by Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts. Together, they tell the story of this figure’s mythology, history and fascinating evolution as patron of lovers as well as seafarers and warriors. With works borrowed from Rome and Naples, the exhibit comes to Philbrook Museum, 2727 S. Rockford Road. Visitors can view the stunning antiquities from March 10-May 26. Hours are 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Tuesday-Sunday (open until 8 p.m. Thursday), and admission is $7-$9. For more, visit online.

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