This large, residential pool covers an area of 57-by-35 feet in the homeowners’ back yard. Photo courtesy Szafranski-Pugh and Associates.

Living Large

Carl Szafranski, principal at Szafranski-Pugh and Associates, knows all about luxurious landscaping. His company has provided landscaping architecture to Oklahoma clients since 2004.

Recently, Szafranski and his associates completed the largest residential pool they have ever designed, a whopping 57-by-35-feet, using only the most luxurious materials. According to Szafranski, his clients not only allowed him artistic freedom with the project, but they contributed their own design savvy for the perfect pairing of creative visions.

“We used a polished plaster, and the water features are positioned in such a way to make them look like they are ‘floating’ on the water,” Szafranski says. “We also used Brazilian walnut for all of the decking; that brought a new material and color to the palette. Some other items included the complete redesign of the entire estate – including all-new landscaping, lighting, art pieces, entry walks, guest-arrival sidewalks, screen walls and urn placement.”

Szafranski credits his roots on a self-sufficient farm and his passion for the outdoors with inspiring him to his current profession.

“The ability to mend the two loves of my life, Mother Nature and human beings’ influence with her, led me to become a landscape architect,” he says.

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