The misconception that tapas are the precursor to a larger meal is a common one. At Bolero, it’s impossible to overlook the small plates, as they make up nearly the entire menu. Bolero executive chef Curtis Bramlett has created a tapas menu that offers a wide range of options to satiate most palates. Goat cheese that’s lightly fried and drizzled with Tupelo honey, braised crimini mushrooms, steamed mussels and clams Basque: the diversity of the tapas on Bolero’s menu reflects the wide range of culture in Spain, where tapas originated as small plates, complemented by wine, to share and enjoy with friends. The Three Olive Combinacion is accompanied with pickled garlic and seasoned toast points, while Artichoke Frito is served simply with lemon-garlic aioli. Bolero’s wait staff is trained to offer suggested wine pairings with the tapas, and an open-air dining room provides the optimal modern setting for a delicious dining experience in Oklahoma City’s Bricktown. 200 Oklahoma Ave., Suite 140, Oklahoma City.

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