There are some parts of downtown Tulsa where you can’t walk a block without bumping into a restaurant owned by Elliot Nelson. But you wouldn’t know that unless someone told you.

Each is carefully, individually designed, each with the hallmark patina of a well-loved neighborhood landmark. And now, a few blocks west of the Blue Dome district that Nelson helped pioneer, there’s Brady Tavern, perhaps the finest of all. There’s a lot of brick, wood and leather, old paintings, globe lamps and cane-back chairs.

Chef Grant Vespasian built his reputation designing sophisticated multi-layered vegetarian creations at The Palace. But he has a fine hand with meat as well. The Brady Burger is already famous. It’s a blend of five rich meats topped with a mushroom cognac cream sauce. More elaborate entrees are even better.

The rich, meaty pork chop is complemented by a creamy luxurious sauce made with mustard, pan juices and wine. A half chicken sprawls on a bed of greens, Purple Peruvian potatoes and bacon cream sauce. Yes, there’s a lot of cream and bacon. These sophisticated entrees sate primal cravings. 201 N. Main, Tulsa. 918.949.9801.

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