Photo by Brent Fuchs.
Photo by Brent Fuchs.

[dropcap]Competition[/dropcap] for first meal superiority in Oklahoma City is fierce, and it can get a bit Lord of the Flies between different fans of OKC’s breakfast heavies. Well, it’s time to put away your rocks and sharpened sticks because Hatch is the new place just about everyone can agree will soothe your savage breakfast beast.

One of the most recent additions to the Automobile Alley district, Hatch does “early mood food” with charm, creativity and a dizzying array of selections. Fans of sweets will not feel left out by the beignets, denser and not as sugary as their New Orleans counterparts, but long on flavor all the same. Each order comes with sides of Nutella, peanut butter bacon sauce and orange glaze; rigorous taste tests have determined they are all amazing. Even waffle fans will want to try the Famous OK Pan Cake, a state-shaped, sweet-cream batter flapjack with bacon, pecans, bourbon maple glaze and mascarpone butter. Just be prepared to stab someone with a fork to defend it. The same goes for the aptly named hash brown tumblers – these deep fried balls of perfectly seasoned potatoes seem to tumble into your mouth at a rapid clip and are a fitting complement to a savory breakfast choice like the chicken-fried egg.

If you really need something to get you moving, try one of the many espresso cocktails to get you riled up. It’s tempting to demand one of everything, but regardless of what you order at Hatch, you’ll find yourself eager to set the alarm and return for second breakfast.

Hatch is at 1101 N. Broadway Ave. in Oklahoma City.

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