Sometimes a dish can be so packed full of flavor that it overwhelms the senses and leaves one speechless. This is certainly the case with many items on Café Do Brasil’s menu, and indeed the menu itself. Chock full of meat, fish and poultry dishes, vegetarian specialties and flavors that represent the vast Brazilian culinary scene, choosing a menu item can be daunting. Luckily, it’s virtually impossible to go wrong. With specialties like the sexy Brazilian classic Picanha Brasileir, grilled slices of picanha steak served with rice, collard greens, vinaigrette and feijao tropeiro (a mind-blowing mix of pinto beans, bacon, eggs, onions, parsley and scallions); or the Churrasco Misto, featuring grilled sirloin, chicken breast, pork loins and sausage skewered and served with rice, black beans, fried polenta and collard greens; plus a wide selection of vegetarian options, dining at Café Do Brasil is truly a sensual experience. 440 NW 11th St., Suite 100, Oklahoma City.

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