Catching Crime

A new show hosted by Tulsan Sean Larkin brings citizens up close and personal footage of crimes across the country.

Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you? And they will, indeed, come for you – with the help of millions of surveillance cameras nationwide.

Retired police sergeant Sean Larkin now hosts a new show on Fox Nation. Photos courtesy CrimeCam 24/7

Sean Larkin, retired Tulsa police sergeant, now helms a reality series that allows viewers to get an inside view of crime footage across the U.S., all from the comfort of home. The show, CrimeCam 24/7, debuted in early July on Fox Nation. 

“There are over 85 million surveillance cameras, resulting in an estimated two billion hours of recorded footage everyday here in the U.S.,” says Larkin. “CrimeCam 24/7 is a television show that allows the viewer to see a wide range of crimes that have been caught on tape.  These incidents are captured on everything from business and home surveillance cameras to drones, cell phones and police body cams, dash cams and helicopters.”

The crimes showcased run the gamut, says Larkin.

“Some of the incidents that we show are heart pounding and adrenaline-filled, while others even actually have a sense of humor to them,” he says. “With each incident, CrimeCam 24/7 tries to give an update to any charges the suspect may have faced, as well as an update on the victim.”

Larkin, who has hosted similar shows in the past, was an easy choice for hosting CrimeCam 24/7. He’s consistently keeping his eyes open for great content to bring to his viewership.

“My close friend Dan Abrams is the owner of Law & Crime [a site/network that showcases live court video, high-profile criminal trials and legal analysis] and the two of us have been involved in multiple projects together over the years,” says Larkin. “Besides working together on Live PD and On Patrol: Live, Dan and I have worked together on the Coptales and Cocktails podcast I hosted with Howard Doss as well as my book, Breaking Blue: Real Life Stories of Cops Falsely Accused. Dan and I regularly brainstorm what new projects we could try and launch together.”

Although much of his work in the past has been involved with or surrounding law enforcement, his new show walks a different path. 

CrimeCam 24/7 was created to show the viewer the wide range of incidents caught and recorded on camera across the country on any given day.  It is not a law enforcement related program, but it does at times show incidents that law enforcement are involved with.”

Larkin is pleased with the quality of the program.

“I say this to everybody, even if I had nothing to do with CrimeCam 24/7, I would watch it and encourage others to do the same,” he says. “It really is a great show from top to bottom. The graphics used, the crime statistics provided at times, as well as the incidents chosen are top notch.  

“The footage that has been selected for the show by the producers Paul Tinelli and Chris Lavelle will leave you in awe at times, angry at times and even teary eyed more than once as well. The number of incidents shown where citizens stand up to help one another is hands down my favorite part of the show to bring home to the viewer.”

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