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Chase Bryant

Photo by Chris Tuite, courtesy BBR Music Group.
Photo by Chris Tuite, courtesy BBR Music Group.

Wednesday, June 24

The 22-year-old Texas native experienced his first top 10 single this year with “Take It On Back.” The single off his self-titled EP is his first penned song to appear high on the Billboard charts and has sold more than 85,000 downloads. The country singer, who made his debut on the steps of ValueBank in his hometown of Orange Grove, Texas, has quickly become known as one of the industry’s best-dressed young acts. Bryant contributes his style to ‘50s icons James Dean, Elvis Pressley and Jerry Lee Lewis, and he continues to get recognized for his skill on the strings, saying he sets out to not only be praised for his vocal power but also for his unique guitar playing. Enjoy his talent in person as he makes his way to Tulsa. For more information, please visit www.thevanguardtulsa.com.

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