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Having choices is a luxury in life, but it can also be overwhelming. I cannot count the times I have scrolled through my social media accounts and seen posts from friends looking for reliable handymen, plumbers, hair stylists – you name it.

We all want the best: the best service, the best bang for our buck, the best our money can buy, and many times we rely on recommendations for help. Yelp, Urbanspoon, Angie’s List and other peer-reviewed sites can offer insight into how smoothly a restaurant runs or speak to the integrity of a home contractor.

Each year, we give our readers the opportunity to weigh in on their bests: attorney, aesthetician and auto service to wireless service, wedding photographer and even women’s boutique. We received thousands of votes, tabulated them, and now present Oklahoma Magazine’s annual The Best of the Best, a reader survey of the best of everything Oklahoma has to offer.

We have made every attempt to be as comprehensive as possible in our 142 categories. But if you see that something is missing, let us hear about it. Visit to contact us if you think there’s a category we should consider including in next year’s survey.

Also in this issue: We can all appreciate the beauty and elegance that goes into the design and architecture of a luxury home. Oklahoma Magazine takes you on a tour of five such homes in Tulsa. From modern to traditional, colorful and muted, these homes represent what luxury means to homeowners, designers, builders, architects and more.

There’s never been a better time for beer in Oklahoma. Breweries, both large and small, pop up on a regular occurrence. We chat with some of the state’s newest breweries to find out how they’re making a go of it in the Sooner State. Happy drinking.

Jami Mattox
Managing Editor

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