brussels sprouts
brussels sprouts

[dropcap]Lunchroom[/dropcap] disgust. Family dinner dread. “You have to finish your greens!” – said every mom ever.

A negative connotation has terrorized green vegetables like a dark cloud throughout almost everyone’s childhood, and many people still hold grudges against their greens. Brussels sprouts are no exception, but perhaps it’s time to take another look at the much maligned vegetable. Despite their bad reputation, they are not only high in nutrients, but low in calories. Usually associated with other hearty vegetables, such as kale and broccoli, Brussels sprouts carry many of the nutrients the body needs, and they don’t pack on the pounds. In need of Vitamin C or Vitamin K? Just one serving of Brussels sprouts a day satisfies both.

While some childhood horror stories might differ, Brussels sprouts are actually adored for their sweet, nutty flavor. Roasted, sautéed, candied, steamed, as a side dish or main course, Brussels sprouts can be eaten any way at any time. If you buck up the courage to try them, you just might learn to love them, too.

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