Georges Rouault is one of those painters from the early 1900s who helped master a new expression in art. If that was all there was to say of him, it would still make an exhibition such as Georges Rouault: Through a Glass, Darkly something noteworthy and worth jotting on your planner. Philbrook Museum of Art brings the work of the influential French painter to Tulsa. The exhibit opens Sunday, Jan. 19, and runs through April 20. This special collection contains works demonstrative of Rouault’s signature style. His pieces whether of religious subjects or lighter imagery and portraiture often use the characteristic heavy black outlining, prismatic colors and composition that many suggest resembles stained glass. And like glass, his works are both reflective and transformative of light. Philbrook is located at 2727 S. Rockford Road, Tulsa. For more, visit

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