If you seek a quirky joint for exotic coffee, tea and food, try the warm, inviting Stitch in the heart of Oklahoma City.

“We believe that a café isn’t just one dimensional,” says Chad Grubbs, who owns the store with his wife, Jen Semmler Grubbs. “It is about meeting all the needs of the day.”

For a lighter option, Stitch also serves granola and plenty of coffee options. Photos by Brent Fuchs

Walking into Stitch, you notice that the coffee bar provides customers with space to drink, eat and chat. The place is also lined with plants, which are Jen’s specialty; one end of the café has its own entrance for her other store, the Plant Shoppe, which sells succulents, cacti, house plants and other floral items.

This husband and wife duo focuses on creating authentic experiences for customers and came up with the name Stitch to reflect that desire.

“We believe in intentionally and truly getting to engage with our patrons,” Chad Grubbs says. “All are welcome to come in, converse and share in this common, everyday experience we have around the table. In doing so, we hope that our guests are left with the experience of feeling connected or ‘stitched,’ a part of something larger than themselves.”

Stitch offers four parts to its menu – coffee and tea; morning; noon to night; and drinks.

Those who stop by won’t be disappointed by the craft coffees, cappuccinos, hot and iced lattes, and teas. Breakfast can be as simple as a granola cereal or smoothie bowl; bagels, omelets, sandwiches, waffles and tacos satisfy those with more audacious appetites. The breakfast bowl, filled with sweet potatoes, kale, maple bacon, poached eggs, avocado and sesame seeds, is a crowd favorite.

“It’s light, filling and just downright tasty,” Grubbs says. “It has a great balance of savory, earthiness and fresh zest that leaves you feeling full and healthy.”

Along with fresh and delicious food and drink, Stitch also sells a variety of plants.

For lunch and dinner, customers fill up on bison burgers, loaded sweet potato fries, hummus, chickpea salad wraps, steaks or old-fashioned BLTs. Fried catfish, tacos and a rainbow veggie sandwich (with beet hummus, tofu, carrots, avocado, cucumber and onion) are other top choices, along with a quinoa salad, a steak salad and the house Stitch Salad, packed with organic greens, cucumber, carrots and bagel croutons.

The green and gold smoothie is packed with nutrients for a filling treat.

Booze options are vast – from local brews to ciders, wines and cocktails. Grubbs says his favorite drink is a classic paloma.

“This drink hits home every time,” he says. “Besides the fact that I love tequila, our tequila takes the cake because La Gritona Reposado [favored at Stitch] is the only tequila produced entirely by women, down to the artisans who blow the bottles from recycled glass.”

This month, Stitch adds an all-day brunch and hosts several community events.

“You will either be able to join us for tasting menus, floral or plant classes, or wine, spirit and coffee tastings,” Grubbs says. “Or you can just throw an event or party in our space.”

Grubbs, born and raised in Oklahoma, likes running his business here.

“OKC just seems alive and ambitious,” he says. “It is a great time to be in OKC and see the city just be loved and revitalized. Our location is great because we reside in the West Village community and we all care about our craft and want everyone in the community to thrive.”

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