Photos courtesy Foolish Things High Dive

With dim lights, pastel paneling and a gleaming bartop, Foolish Things High Dive looks like many other neighborhood joints anywhere from the South Bronx to south Tulsa. However, few are the places where you can find New Orleans cocktails and Korean street food.

The delicious food is made by Nicholas Corcoran, former pitmaster at Tulsa’s wildly popular BurnCo. Flavorful bibimbap, that Korean meal in a bowl, is made with ribeye, eggs and lots of veggies. There are fusion tacos, including pulled pork with Korean slaw and Sriracha. Everything is under $12.

A lively, affable crowd ranges “from young, college-aged kids to 50-somethings who work in the neighborhood,” owner Justin Carpenter says.

High Dive, at 315. S. Trenton Ave., is just steps away from the old Church Studio, where the Tulsa Sound developed.

“We think it’s our duty … to foster Tulsa’s live music scene,” Carpenter says. “From DJs to rockabilly and punk to hip hop, we’re trying to keep the music we bring in as eclectic as Tulsa itself.”

Corcoran, whose menu includes bulgogi cheesesteaks and Sriracha honey wings, is more succinct: “It’s all so dank.”

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