Ghost Dragon Express

During the three years since it opened, the big and glitzy Bond Event Center has hosted numerous glamorous weddings and black-tie charity galas. Then, the pandemic stopped those events cold, leaving the McNellie’s Group with a huge, empty, state-of-the-art kitchen. 

The restaurant group has always been in the dream fulfillment business, flawlessly recreating the perfect Irish bar, the perfect side-street bistro, the perfect deli, the perfect 1950s bowling alley. And now, they’ve salvaged this kitchen by recreating the Chinese takeout food that’s a player in so many childhood memories. Yes, Ghost Dragon Express has crab Rangoon and egg rolls. Yes, they have pork lo mein and sesame chicken. There’s even some kung pao and General Tso’s. You can get sweet and sour pork and wash it down with egg drop soup. Chef Ben Alexander spent months developing each recipe to make it not only as good as you remember, but better, featuring childhood favorites along with more sophisticated ‘adult’ fare, such as Hong Kong-style roasted duck, Sichuanese mapo dofu, and char siu, Cantonese-style barbecued pork. The restaurant offers takeout and delivery only.

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