Flamboyant yet flawless, elegant yet casual: That’s the state of Oklahoma. And that’s also what you’ll find if you take the 12-minute drive from Utica Square to Go West. Spacious, modern, gleaming with beige stone and burnished wood, the 6,200-square-foot restaurant is a worthy setting for food that dazzles the eye as well as the palate.

A rich, flavorful filet mignon from a small Oklahoma ranch perches atop two wild mushroom enchiladas in a lake of crimson sauce splashed with flecks of white. A half chicken, first brined, then smoked, then wood-roasted to yield meat that’s unbelievably juicy and tender, is enhanced by a fresh, floral green sauce speckled with dots of red.

The menu features meat and produce native to the region, such as steak, trout and quail, but daily specials range further afield. You might find a red deer chop flown in from Australia served with a Oaxacan mole coloradito, a complex yet vibrant sauce rarely found outside southern Mexico.

Go West Restaurant executive chef Aila Heiskanen Wimpy stays busy in the kitchen serving creations that are at the same time cowboy cookin’ and haute cuisine.

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