Not all goodbyes are sad. That’s not to insinuate that rock-n-roll foodie Anthony Bourdain has worn out his welcome on the food culture front, yet after nine seasons of his Travel Channel hit show No Reservations, Bourdain has bowed out of the show that brought him widespread fame for his unabashed (and occasionally unfiltered) enthusiasm for travel, people and food, particularly of the “meat in tube form” variety. Does he seem disappointed? Ask him when he arrives at the Rose State College Performing Arts Theatre in Midwest City for a stop on his Guts and Glory Tour. As his other Travel Channel show, The Layover, winds down, too, we’re not sweating the finale, not with Bourdain set to host a new show on CNN on cuisine and culture. Call it his next course. For tickets to Guts and Glory, go to

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