In these fall days, humans turn to one fruit more than any other: the pumpkin. Suddenly, they appear en mass at grocery store entrances, roadside stands, in fields and on the dinner table. Whether gutted and carved for a Halloween jack-o-lantern or nestled among other assorted gourds on a hay bale, pumpkins tell us all that its time to take in the outdoors before winter, pick pecans and scare the wits out of all your friends. Pumpkins remind us of cool events like the Halloween Parade in Oklahoma City, Tulsa’s Hex House and the Psycho Path in Sperry just as much as they bring to mind the Pleasant Valley Farms Winter Squash and Pumpkin Festival in Sand Springs, Tulsa Oktoberfest and the Pumpkin Festival at Shepherd’s Cross near Claremore. Wherever you end up, there’s sure to be a pumpkin watching from nearby. See the community and family listings for events details and more Halloween and harvest fest fun.

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