Friday, Oct. 4-Saturday, Oct. 5

When your children grow up, one day they’ll tell their own kids about the time they visited a little town in Oklahoma’s gorgeous Kiamichi Mountains and camped in the heart of sasquatch country. No matter the reaction you get from future progeny or your family at the next Thanksgiving dinner, you and yours will always remember the fun of the Honobia Bigfoot Fall Festival & Conference. This year’s event includes a mountain music showcase, the Big Foot Crossing 2k Run, storytelling around the fire, Big Foot Music Idol, unique crafters, food vendors and contests. Imagine people competing for the best big foot camouflage, tire tossing, rock rolling, limb chucking and “Sasquallin’” for the bronchially gifted.

Primitive camping means you’ll need to provide your own water or buckets for hauling it from the well. Whether you’re a serious ‘squatch researcher or looking for a unique family outing, the conference is certain to leave you with some great memories. Events will be Friday, Oct. 4-Saturday, Oct. 5, at the Ludlow Rock Schoolhouse grounds on Oklahoma 144 west of U.S. 259 (south of Heavener). Parking is $10 per carload all day. For more, go to

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