Thursday, Sept. 12, 7 p.m.

We’ve been wondering to ourselves at Oklahoma Magazine why Jim James’ concert on Thursday, Sept. 12, at Cain’s Ballroom didn’t sell out weeks earlier. Is it possible the masses have overlooked the My Morning Jacket front man’s temporary and eagerly anticipated solo foray – the album “Regions of Light and Sound of God?" Anyone who’s taken in the measured signatures and lush fray of MMJ’s “Z,” “Evil Urges” and “Circuital” will understand our confusion. If they don't remember the name, they'll certainly remember the voice. The charismatic James brings a new collection of work to the Cain's that builds on his already impressive musical distinctions. Plus, he seems to be a pretty cool guy and an amazing live act (check out MMJ’s live performances on YouTube). Tickets are $25-$40, available at Take our advice: Get the ticket!

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