Opens Thursday, Sept. 12

Among the academics, “King Lear” rivals “Hamlet” as Williams Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy if not play. On the page, it’s compelling with language to be interpreted in all the colors of the comprehension spectrum. On the stage, it’s even better. And, the Lear role is meaty. Almost any audience can be assured that at the very least they will see a good, well-seasoned actor play it to his utmost ability. When a great actor gets his hands on it, be prepared. Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park closes its season on the Myriad Botanical Gardens Water Stage, 301 W. Reno Ave., Oklahoma City, with a very old story of betrayals and a once strong kingdom at stake when its aged monarch disinherits his only loyal heir. There’s a price to be paid for everything, you know. The play opens Thursday, Sept. 12, and runs through Sept. 28 playing at 8 p.m. Thursday-Saturday. Tickets are $10-$15. For more, visit

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