Sustainability. Go green. Eco-friendly. These buzzwords, more than ever, surround us daily as we make decisions, both small and large. From purchasing in-season produce to cars and even homes, it’s important to keep in mind one’s responsibility to the planet when making these decisions.

When Chad Burton began a remodel of a midtown Tulsa home, he admits that at the time, he didn’t even recycle. “It never even occurred to me the impact we have on the earth in our day-to-day activity,” he says. Now, he and his family live in the home that he remodeled. It represents 18 months of hard work and has received three designations by organizations that certify sustainable building.

Though Burton embraced green building and sustainable living whole-heartedly in the remodel of his home, small changes can also make a difference. Like Burton learned during the renovation, recycling is important. Whether it’s cans and plastic that build up from cooking or scraps of wood and metal that are left over after a large project, utilizing existing resources or recycling can make a huge impact on the environment. What we do today has an impact on our earth tomorrow and beyond. It’s a profound lesson that we should keep in mind.

Also in this issue, we highlight some of the area’s summer camps. Schools will be dismissed for the summer before you even know it, so get a head-start on your child’s vacation activities. Whether it’s tennis, soccer, art or acting that they enjoy, there’s a camp to be attended.

– Jami Mattox
Managing Editor

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