Nearly a decade ago, Tulsa artist Steve Cluck had an idea for how to promote his hometown. Now, Cluck is on a mission to photograph people – 918, to be exact –wearing his famed “Don’t Hate The 918” T-shirt line. So far, Cluck has photographed about 300 people who live in the northeastern Oklahoma area code.

“The coolest surprise is that people are very excited to be in the project,” Cluck says. I have not had to do much recruiting. People are approaching me.”

Cluck hopes that the project will showcase the diversity of the Tulsa area. He also wants to highlight the quality of people in Tulsa.

“People here are nice and compassionate,” he says. “So I wanted to do something that puts the spotlight on the people of the 918 that illustrates how great the people really are.”

This is the largest project Cluck has tackled in his 10 years of amateur photography, he says. He anticipates that it will take about a year to finish the project. To be considered for the project, contact Cluck through Facebook, Twitter or

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