Associate Professor of Political Science, Oklahoma City University
Oklahoma City

Daadaoui’s academic interests include political Islam, US foreign policy in the Middle East and North Africa, democratization and the prevalence of authoritarianism in MENA. He is the author of Moroccan Monarchy and the Islamist Challenge: Maintaining Makhzen Power and has also written articles published in The Journal of North African Studies and Middle Eastern Studies. It’s a hefty resume for a young professional in academia, but Daadaoui hopes this is just the beginning of his career. “I feel that you charter your own success or failure. I am still working on my own course, but think that success is never that far from hard work, preparation and perseverance,” he says. Daadaoui volunteers within the Muslim community and hopes to help build foundations for interfaith dialogue among all traditions in Oklahoma City and the Sooner State. “I feel there are a lot of misconceptions about my own region, and a lot work to do in order to reach out in terms of what the faith is and not in terms of what it is not,” he says.

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