Opens Saturday, Aug. 10

Some may wonder why the snaffle bit warrants its own world show. Many may wonder what a snaffle bit is. The answer is a specifically designed mouthpiece for horses used during riding to better control the movements of the horse. For many riders of a variety disciplines and styles, the snaffle bit is the mouthpiece of choice, allowing better command and teamwork between horse and rider for complex steps. The National Snaffle Bit Association World Show is all about promoting quality riding and training, and it’s back in Tulsa beginning Saturday, Aug. 10, at Expo Square, 4145 E. 21st St. In addition to great competitions and exhibitions of horsemanship, the show sports some of the finest equine specimens in the country. The NSBA show is free and open to the public. It runs through Aug. 18. For more, go to

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