New State, in the heart of the 16th Street Plaza District in OKC, had its official opening in the summer and has grilled its way to the top by quickly becoming the place to grab a great burger and a generous sip from the bar.

The cozy space, with a relaxed atmosphere and an uncomplicated, thoughtful menu, offers myriad burgers and sides. One option is the cheeseburger with add-ons, including the thickest maple bacon around, a fried egg or some avocado.

The Hot Hamburger, made with two beef patties and loaded with cheese, fries and legit brown gravy, had this reporter in small-town-Oklahoma cafe heaven. Crispy chicken thighs, steak frites and tasty salad options round out the non-burger choices.

Don’t skip the bar, a 14-seater with great wines, local beers and perfectly crafted cocktails.

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