Opens Friday, March 1

John Steinbeck’s novel of two migrant farm workers during the Great Depression comes to the Tulsa Performing Arts Center stage. Adapted for live theater, Of Mice and Men will be presented by American Theater Company. The play opens with an 8 p.m. show on Friday, March 1 in the PAC’s John H. Williams Theatre, 110 E. Second St. When critics talk about “classics,” this is what they mean. Characters George (Brian Rattlingourd) and Lennie (Nate Gavin) face prejudices and the overpowering sense of being alone in the world. Looking for a happy ending? You won’t get it here, but you will find the stirring emotional drama of humanity, compassion and sacrifice – and that’s always worth a look. Of Mice and Men runs through March 9, and tickets are $24-$30. Go to to purchase and for a show schedule.

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