Steve Seikel has always loved mustard, but he was never able to find a brand he loved until he made his own.

“Every mustard that I tried was either too thick or contained corn syrup,” he says.

Coming from a corporate background, he began tinkering with his own mustard recipe in his home kitchen. He often gave it to family and friends as gifts.

He then gave some to a friend who worked for Backwoods Foods in Tahlequah, and the gift turned into a partnership with the food manufacturer.

“We started with one batch (about 20 cases) just to see how it would do,” Seikel says.

The recipe was a hit, and Seikel’s Oklahoma Gold Mustard was born.

“Our first account was Reasor’s 17 stores, and it grew from there,” he adds.

Today, Seikel’s can be found at Whole Foods, Uptown Market, Sprouts Farmers Market and Homeland store locations.

“When a new product goes into Whole Foods for the first time, they do a taste testing with the employees, and we got 100 percent approval rating,” Seikel says.

Seikel’s mustard is also served at several local restaurants and is distributed regionally from Kansas City, Mo., to Dallas.

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