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Sasha Martin

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Blogger and author of Life From Scratch, Sasha Martin began a “global table adventure” with her daughter and husband a few years back, preparing one meal per week from 195 different countries. Preparing, tasting and critiquing each meal from scratch while recording the entire process on video, Martin has created a wealth of informative, bite-sized content on a regular basis. These videos have been collecting on her website and have been viewed by thousands of foodies since their online publication. Continue following Martin’s adventure on Pinterest, where she frequently posts photos of her delicious hand-prepared meals that will make your mouth water.



Ree Drummond

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Ree Drummond, host of the television show The Pioneer Woman, is a favorite not just in Oklahoma but nationwide. Her down-to-earth cooking program doesn’t stop with just the preparation of fabulous meals but also includes the steps leading up to her time in the kitchen. Drummond’s family members and the community as a whole are included as key ingredients to her television program and inspire breathtaking entrees. Online, Drummond uses platforms like Instagram and Pinterest to allow her followers to participate in the cooking process and see food preparation with both still photography and video. If you have a passion for down-home cooking, Drummond provides a colorful feed of tasty meals that shine not just on television but on mobile devices through social media.



Rick Bayless

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World-renowned chef Rick Bayless has pleased television viewers for years with his PBS program Mexico: One Plate at a Time, and he continues his tradition of cooking jaw-dropping Mexico-inspired delicacies online. Tacos, salsa and queso are just some of the stars of the show, and on YouTube and Twitter, Bayless spreads his love of Hispanic dishes to those who are looking for inspiration for their next south-of-the-border meals. For detailed instructions on how to shop, prepare and present incredible Mexico-inspired dishes, follow Bayless online and tune in to PBS and never look back.



Photo courtesy Jim Ross.
Photo courtesy Jim Ross.

Jim Ross

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WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has been in the national spotlight for decades acting as announcer for some of the world’s most memorable professional wrestling matches. Although Ross is primarily known for his long career with the WWE, he has also developed a following because of his amazing barbecue. Founder of J.R.’s Bar-B-Q, Ross provides customers with jerky, sauces and seasoning to take your next grill-out to another level. On social media and his blog, Ross keeps his followers informed about recent events with the WWE and new recipes for the perfect Oklahoma barbecue. For more weekly content from Jim Ross, listen to his podcast, The Ross Report, where he covers all things wrestling, pop culture, Oklahoma and barbecue.

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