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Hair, color and photo by Guy Tang.
Hair, color and photo by Guy Tang.

Guy Tang

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Celebrity hairstylist Guy Tang doesn’t just cut hair, he makes incredible masterpieces using color and contrast to create a work of art that transforms each client’s hair into something truly out of this world. One of his most famous color treatments, called “Unicorn hair,”  is a vivid rainbow explosion of layered color that is a treat for the eyes. One look at his work and it is impossible to deny that Tang really is a master at his craft. Thankfully, he records his process regularly on YouTube, where he offers hair color and style demonstrations in a fun, energetic presentation that is both entertaining to watch and very informative. It is difficult to not smile at Tang’s giddiness in his videos as he breaks down his process step by step, showing exactly how to achieve beautiful hairstyles worn by some of Hollywood’s most glamorous models and celebrities. Any stylists looking to expand their arsenal should hit the subscribe button.




Abby Rose Henry

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Abby Rose is a skilled photographer and florist, and when viewing her Instagram profile one thing is clear: Rose has a unique sense of style that permeates all of her online work. The content she puts out is often warm and comforting, whether it is seen in her delightful floral arrangements or her magnificent wedding photography. Love and intimacy are both themes that flows throughout her social media content. Rose was recently featured on the Instagram blog With the Locals, where she was selected out of thousands of Instagram users to take over the account and share some of Tulsa’s best spots to people all around the world. Rose’s impeccable taste and her eye for composition, along with her modern beatnik fashion sense, will inspire you on both Instagram and Pinterest.

Last one today. Maybe. Probably not. #cxaGetHitched 📷: @melissamarshallx

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Photo courtesy Adam Murphy.
Photo courtesy Adam Murphy.

Brett McKay –

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Brett McKay is the founder of The Art of Manliness, “a blog dedicated to uncovering the lost art of being a man.” This blog offers readers with a wealth of resources on how to be the best men they can be. Topics include such categories including manly skills, relationships and family, and dress and grooming. McKay also hosts a weekly companion podcast that covers many of the topics found on and also includes commentary, news and audio interviews with the manliest of men. On Facebook, the blog brings its updated content directly to your news feed, and offers additional related stories found on other popular men’s lifestyle websites.

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