The first audiences of Pawnee Bill’s wild west show must have been in awe at the trick shooters, trick riders, Native Americans, horses and battle reenactments they witnessed at the frontier spectacular. Such sights were rare in the eastern half of the country that had settled and turned toward industry and modernization. But Gordon William Lillie (Pawnee Bill’s real name) exploited a nostalgia for the disappearing past with sensation and bravado. Today, audiences are enthralled by the historic significance of the show itself, and the Pawnee Bill Ranch in Pawnee brings it all back with three shows featuring chuck wagons, chariots, quick shooters, stunt riders, powwow dancers and plenty of fun on the grounds at the ranch museum. Count on appearances from Pawnee Bill himself. Shows will be at the ranch in Pawnee on June 16, 23 and 30.

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