Photo by Brandon Scott.

Pumpkin & Mack

Owner: Andrea McCullough (pictured with son Grant)

Broken Arrow

Andrea McCullough grew up in a home that always had pets. Her husband, Shane, was raised on a farm with small and large pets. The love of animals has extended to their children.

“Our kids have never known life without at least one pet,” Andrea McCullough says.

Smokey, a 3-year-old cat, enjoys a leisurely life indoors, but the family’s two dogs love spending time outside among the large shade trees and, in the summer, a pool. They frequently go for runs around the neighborhood with Pumpkin, a 2-year-old sharp-pei/retiever mix, and Mack, a four-month-old shepherd mix, though McCullough admits that Mack, still a puppy, is adjusting to leash life.

“All of our pets came from shelters,” says McCullough. “We love them so much, it’s hard to think about what they must have gone through before we adopted them.  Millions of animals enter shelters every year, and it’s heartbreaking knowing that so many of them will spend their lives without love or a family. I think it’s our duty as human beings to be good stewards to these creatures that are so dependent upon our kindness.”

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