Once upon a time, orchestras and bands played catchy, jazzy tunes with exotic flavors of South America, the Far East and other places around the world. Of course, every band had a lovely “girl singer” in the foreground, and she had a velvety voice perfect for songs laced with romance and longing for both people and places. Pink Martini isn’t a holdover from those days, but it sure puts you in another frame of mind. And, it will make you dance. The little orchestra with an enticing sound headed by pianist Thomas Lauderdale and fronted by lead singer China Forbes plays the Oklahoma City Civic Center Music Hall on March 23-24. Maybe you’ll hear classics recalling film of the 1940s and ‘50s, maybe you’ll hear eclectic originals like “Sympathique” and “Hey Eugene.” This rosy little concoction of happy noise deserves to be sipped and savored. www.okcciviccenter.com

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