Bob Wills’ song that inspired the name of this Brookside boutique is certainly iconic, and the folks behind Ida Red have stocked the shelves with equally iconic merchandise, Cain’s memorabilia and, of course, candy and soda. After all, surely the King of Western swing enjoyed a good Cherry Mash every now and again. The Brookside shop is famous for its wide selection of nostalgic and hard-to-find candies, including the bestsellers Cherry Mash and Valomilk.

Ida Red manager Angelina Wright says that Ida Red seeks out those nostalgic candies – including candy cigarettes and Zotz – because customers like to have a nostalgic taste of the past. “People come in and have a memory attached to this stuff, so it’s fun to see people totally go back in time,” Wright says.

In addition to nostalgic candies, Ida Red stocks a wide selection of candy bars that are sold in the UK, including the Flake bar, Crunchie bar and Kinder chocolates. Wright also preaches the wonders of Kinder’s Happy Hippo Biscuits, small cookie wafers that have cream fillings.

In addition to the sweets, Ida Red offers wide varieties of hard-to-find sodas, including the best-selling Cheerwine. Others looking for an adventure may opt to try Lester’s Fixins Buffalo Wing Soda or Bacon Soda. Varieties of root beer are also available, including Dang! butterscotch root beer. Ida Red is located at 3336 S. Peoria in Tulsa.

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