Medical advances have offered many new solutions to skin woes. Wrinkles, dark spots, and sagging can be a thing of the past, and fast. Simple procedures can quickly turn back the clock and give a fresh, younger look.

If you are looking to abolish wrinkles, consider Botox injections, offers Dr. Melissa Morgan, a board-certified dermatologist.  

“Botox relaxes lines in the forehead, around the eyes and lips,” explains Morgan.

If sunspots are what ails, laser treatments are a fast option, offers Morgan with caution.

“Anyone wanting laser treatments should be carefully evaluated, especially those with darker complexions,” explains Morgan.

Turn sagging skin around with dermal fillers. “Dermal fillers improve volume loss in the lips and around the nose and mouth,” says Morgan.

These procedures do come with some risks. As with any medical procedure, educate yourself about any cosmetic treatment being considered.   
“(You) should be fully aware of the risks, benefits and post treatment care,” says Morgan.

These treatments are generally safe and effective for anyone over 25 years old. But, to best ensure you have good results, find a qualified person to perform your cosmetic treatment.

“Be confident that the person performing your treatment is a uniquely qualified professional and is practicing within the scope of their training,” advises Morgan.

Men can enjoy the youthful results, as well.

“Women make up the majority of those seek cosmetic treatments; however, more men are becoming interested,” adds Morgan.

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