Photos by Brent Fuchs

Roasted vegetables have been a love of many home cooks for generations, but like other “common is cool again” trends (thanks to foodie websites and enterprising chefs), roasted “vege” sides and entrees show up on many home and restaurant dining tables.

Here’s a quick tip for your next round of roasted vegetable goodness: vinegar.

It doesn’t matter what vegetable you roast. From butternut squash and Brussels sprouts to cauliflower and rutabaga, adding a splash or two of any kind (or flavor) of vinegar brightens the taste of that vegetable and brings out natural deliciousness.

Photos by Brent Fuchs

Besides tossing the “vege” with the standard olive or grapeseed oil and some seasoning (plug with a wink: In The Kitchen With Scotty’s Cook’s Line Seasoning), a zhoosh of vinegar – with its sharp initial twang – cooks away and leaves a sweet, forward-tasting finish. Give it a try.

Scotty Irani is a personal chef, award-winning food writer, host of a weekly cooking segment on OKC’s KAUT 43, and chef/owner of In The Kitchen With Scotty. 

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