Scientist, Assistant Member and Associate Professor, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation and University of Oklahoma Health Sciences
Oklahoma City

When someone’s “claim to fame” is that they discovered the function of several proteins essential for the repair of DNA in cellular systems, avoiding birth defects and malignant transformations leading to cancer, you know this is a person that one may say is accomplished. And Pezza is most certainly that, having moved to the United States 10 years ago to pursue a post-doctoral fellowship with the National Institute of Health. “In my work at the NIH, I learned the research skills to advance the body of knowledge concerning cancer biology and the genetics of birth defects,” he says. After completing his post-doctoral work, Pezza was awarded a position at OMRF and later at OUHSC. But this former beekeeper is not all work and no play. He enjoys working out, gardening and the opera, and he also likes to repair antique furniture.

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