Cycling isn’t everyone’s idea for the basis of a festival, but perhaps it should be. Oklahoma, unfortunately, winds up somewhere on the list of Top 10 most obese states annually. However, the secret is out: A leisurely ride on a bike through town, in the country or even in the gym is a low-impact activity that can benefit your health. It’s also happens to be fun, and that’s where Saint Francis Tulsa Tough begins. Whether you’re purely a recreational rider or in pursuit of a jersey, this three-day event based in downtown Tulsa has plenty of options for participants. Racers can hit intense courses while others can be a part of the tour rides for individuals and families. There’s also a festival of vendors and artisans along with children’s activities. Join the stream when Tulsa gets moving Friday, June 7-Sunday, June 9, along Tulsa’s urban trails. Visit for schedules and race registration information.

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