Photo courtesy The Faulkner Group

In the old Borden Ice Cream Parlor on Broadway in Oklahoma City, Stone Sisters Pizza Bar isn’t reinventing the “pizza wheel” but, instead, grabbing hold of the oven peel and promoting a healthier, non-genetically modified, organic, local-as-possible way of doing pizza.

They’re nailing it.

Photos courtesy The Faulkner Group

The sprouted spelt crust – one of the many wonderful elements that makes it the “Sister” way of enjoying pizza – is crisp and delicious … not only easy for people with gluten sensitivities, but flavor-deep for those without. And before you ask – yes, the Sisters have flour pizza crust, too.

At the helm of Stone Sisters’ kitchen and menu is Chef Cally Johnson of Mutt’s Hotdogs and Big Truck Taco fame; she adds unique, mouthwatering ingredients to pies like grass-fed pepperoni, cracklin’ chicken skin and Caciocavera cheese from Lovera’s in Krebs, just outside McAlester.

Check it out: See the Sisters’ website for free pizza and how they help Oklahoma teachers at

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