If you’ve ever taken a drive along a section of Haskell Drive directly north of downtown Tulsa, you’ve noticed those steps that lead to nowhere. Norman-based artist Eyakem Gulilat sees homes that once stood overlooking the Greenwood District before they and a large part of the neighborhood were decimated in fire and violence during the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921. In his photo exhibition Site Unseen, Gulilat wanted viewers to ask the same question he did: “Where do we go from here?” The Hardesty Arts Center, 101 E. Archer St., unveiled Site Unseen as its inaugural Artist In Residence exhibition in late February, but if you saw it at the opening, you’ll find it changed on a repeat visit. This study of the artifacts and empty landscapes left behind after the riot is a work in progress with stories being added to it all the time, sort of like life. The exhibit concludes May 19 and is open to the public. For more, go to www.ahhatulsa.org.

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