Homeowners might be tempted to ignore the typically small powder room when it comes to establishing a dramatic, stylish design. But, in fact, it is because this is a minimal area that a homeowner has more of an opportunity to show off the style that will provide a unique welcome to guests.

“It’s a perfect place to create an impactful statement as soon as visitors come in the front door,” says interior designer Rick Phillips, who suggests using a texture on the walls to provide a sense of depth. “Plus, a grass cloth or beaded wallpaper provides a striking background to display artwork.”

Phillips resists using the space above the toilet for a storage cabinet and instead creates a focal point for art.

Whether your goal is to create something wild and wacky or subtly sophisticated, the options are endless. First, establish a design theme that will visually tie the space to the surrounding architectural style. And if possible, use a pocket door, reducing the space required for a door swing.

For budget-conscious homeowners, painted faux finishes with metallic touches or bold stencils are popular options. Or splurge on an expensive wall covering – like ones embedded with Swarovski crystals – since such a small quantity would be required.

Using a piece of furniture as a vanity also provides an array of choices, from contemporary to traditional. Countertop options range from petrified wood, marble or granite to finished concrete. A vessel sink is a great alternative to the typical drop-in or under-mount style, but double check that the overall height isn’t too tall for guests, especially if using a piece of furniture. Make sure that when hanging a mirror it is also at a convenient height for guests. Large mirrors can mask the room’s diminutive size; recently, one of Phillips clients even insisted he mirror her powder room ceiling.

Lighting options are practically infinite. Pendant lights can be dropped on either side of the vanity, or sconces can flank the mirror. Depending on the available space, consider using a pair of lamps on either side of the sink. Pinhole ceiling fixtures can direct the light to specific artwork while adding a dimmer creates an even subtler ambiance.

Keep accessories simple and uncluttered. For a classy touch, provide a variety of toiletries from hair spray to lotions decoratively displayed for your guests.

“And because of the small space it is even more important to be meticulous about every detail,” shares Phillips.

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