Get ready to experience a tantalizing culinary journey of Oklahoma’s finest flavors. Farmers Grain Kitchen + Cellar is the ultimate tribute to our state – brought to life via an incredible collaboration between Edmond natives (and brothers) Payne and
Cy Mills. 

Using the freshest seasonal ingredients, complemented by expertly paired wines from sommelier Cy, this restaurant is sure to tantalize your taste buds in a delightful celebration of Sooner State flavors.

Located in the heart of Edmond, the restaurant stands proudly where the state’s first mill and grain elevator opened its doors in 1871. This pride of place makes it a unique hub for local diners. From the carefully crafted seasonal menu to the curated wine and cocktail list, everything about Farmers Grain is designed to bring out the nuances of the best in regional ingredients.

The menu, which changes quarterly, features made-from-scratch items that celebrate the unique taste profiles of the season. This past winter, for example, featured the restaurant’s take on a crab cake, made with local crayfish, endive, turnip and tomatoes. The spring menu will be just as inventive and flavorful. 

Fresh green tomatoes and forged morel mushrooms are two items Payne looks forward to incorporating into the menu in the following months. He says the kitchen is playing with the idea of making an international dish with the available equivalent in Oklahoma – for example, an Oklahoma-inspired paella with barley, venison and locally sourced crayfish.

Payne’s menu is intentionally small. He works with local farms as much as he’s able, including the Mills Family Homestead – the Luther farm he shares with his wife, Rachel, who is the pastry chef at the restaurant. 

Carried over from the winter menu, the short rib stroganoff, along with the bread and tallow starter, continue to delight guests. Payne really enjoys featuring braised items on his menu, and this is a fine example of his strong, technique-driven background. Slow simmered short ribs are served over egg noodles, with a rich mushroom cream sauce. The egg noodles are made fresh each day using chicken and quail eggs from chef Payne’s farm.

Bread and tallow is the restaurant’s take on traditional bread and butter. Aforementioned pastry chef Rachel Miller makes phenomenal artisanal bread with sprouted grains. This bread pairs nicely with tallow, a herbous rendered beef fat, that is whipped until light and airy. It’s served with seasonal items like pickled vegetables or chopped herbs.

Sommelier and co-owner Cy has crafted a wine list and seasonal cocktail menu that is both familiar and adventurous. He strives to create offerings that honor the seasonal flavors of the food while also pushing guests to try something new. His food and wine pairings highlight all aspects of the meal’s flavors.

The La Perlina Moscato, for example, is a perfect accompaniment to the bread and tallow starter. On the winter menu, the Elysian Fields with mezcal, rosemary, honey simple syrup, fig jam and orange was a standout with its smokey and sweet notes.

Farmers Grain Kitchen + Cellar is a restaurant with deep roots in Oklahoma’s past and an eye on its vibrant future. However it’s more than just a restaurant; it’s a celebration of Oklahoma’s bounty. When asked to describe themselves, Payne summed up what they do perfectly.

“Imagine a chef went out to grandma’s ranch,” he says. “The idea being if you went to a local farm, what ingredients do they have available? That’s what we try to play with.” 

No matter what you decide to try on the menu, the warm hospitality paired with unique ingredients and flavors at Farmers Grain Kitchen + Cellar is sure to make you feel like family. From Payne’s creations to Rachel’s pastries and Cy’s beverage knowledge, this family-run, farm-style restaurant has something to please everyone.

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