The arrival of warmer months harkens the arrival of summer brew beers, some of which have been appearing on Oklahoma shelves since March.

Summer brews tend to be light lagers with the slight taste of lemon zest or essence, says Old Village Wine & Spirit’s Nick Workman.

Among those producers who offer specific summer brews are Sam Adams (Alpine Spring), Sierra Nevada (Summerfest), Boulevard (Zon Belgian style Witbier), and Shiner usually as well. Oklahoma’s own Marshall Brewing Company also rolls out its Revival Red Ale in the spring.

Summer seasonals sell, Workman says. “Summer and winter brews sell very well, much faster than spring and fall brews.”

Given anticipation of another hot summer, light summer brews are likely to be highly coveted. Fortunately they appear on shelves well ahead of the first three-digit temperature day.

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