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Adapting to the Times

Preparing for Life After High School Preparing students for life after high school is a continuing and evolving effort, with various methods and tools such as concurrent enrollment, college credit courses and assistance and counseling related to college admissions. Many schools emphasize opportunities like prep courses to ready oneself for collegiate entrance exams, including the SAT and ACT. Assisting eventual graduates...

Senior Savvy

The younger that people may be, the more likely we are to witness them posting selfies on Snapchat, sharing their latest meals on Instagram or issuing demands to Alexa that would make a dictator blush – or so many of us believe. In truth, mobile technology and social media have opened as many frontiers for older adults (if not more)...

High Tech and Common Sense

We are well into the high-pressure digital age and the interconnected global economy, and those realities have affected education and how students learn. However, some non-technological strategies still prevail as young people navigate their ways out of high school and college and into the workforce. We look at a handful of areas that illustrate these dichotomies – from virtual reality and...