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A Food Lover’s Guide to Oklahoma

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Here’s Looking at You, Punk

Burgers, cocktails and anarchy erupted in the historic Paseo Arts District this past winter à la 84 Hospitality Group, the company behind OKC’s Empire Slice, Revolućion, Gōrō Ramen and Gun Izakaya. The newest addition, Burger Punk, came about via humble food truck beginnings.  Rachel Cope, the CEO and founder of 84 Hospitality, stared...

Back Porch Draft House

Back Porch Draft House, with two locations in Lawton, promises to be the “cure for what ales you.” Appetizers include the Real Deal Nacho with house-fried corn chips, house specialty queso, green onions, pickled jalapeños, pico de gallo and Back Porch charred salsa with a choice of brisket, pork or...

Jump on the Patty Wagon

OKC’s Patty Wagon offers some of the best Angus gourmet burgers in metropolitan OKC. This locally owned and operated, flat-grill burger house lists grub on its menu like the Red Dirt Burger, with crisp, thick bacon, cheddar and Oklahoma barbecue sauce; the Cali Rancher, a classic American burger with fresh avocado and jalapeno ranch; or the Swiss ’n’ Shroom burger,...

A Dream Becomes Reality

Ned Shadid Sr. and Ned “Neddie” Shadid Jr. weren’t exactly Bing Crosby and Bob Hope starring in a Road To… movie while they catered for and toured with country music stars, and dreamed of a neighborhood spot … but they were dang close. Ned Shadid Sr. has rocked the Oklahoma food scene for decades. From The Brass Apple in El...

Burger Punk Ain’t Messin’ Around

When your next burger obsession strikes, satisfy it at Burger Punk, a pink mohawk-wielding food truck created by 84 Hospitality, curator of other OKC hot spots like Empire Slice House, Goro Ramen and Ponyboy. The eye-catching truck usually hangs out around Ponyboy and at breweries on the weekends, but, in true millennial fashion, you can always find its location by...