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On Heartbreak and Enduring Love

Reza “Ray” Moeeni landed in Kansas more than 40 years ago with a thousand dollars in his pocket, hopes for a great education, and a prosperous new life in the United States. When the Iranian Revolution occurred in 1978-79, Moeeni had to leave his university because his family had no money to pick up the tuition. Working odd jobs from...

Getting Stitched

If you seek a quirky joint for exotic coffee, tea and food, try the warm, inviting Stitch in the heart of Oklahoma City. “We believe that a café isn’t just one dimensional,” says Chad Grubbs, who owns the store with his wife, Jen Semmler Grubbs. “It is about meeting all the needs of the day.” Walking into Stitch, you notice that...

Belle Kitchen Bakery and Cafe

Real and simple are the culinary watchwords at Belle Kitchen Bakery and Cafe. At two locations, highlights include the nationally recognized doughnuts, which take two days to produce; they have a unique, light and springy texture topped with hand-made glaze flavors like maple or vanilla bean. The same down-home standards are applied to the entire menu, which includes macaroons,...